Standby energy solutions are commonly used by householders, businesses and enterprise level organizations in several industries. These solutions are installed as a means to provide a trusted secondary source of power. Not only these systems keep your organization up and running but also give you peace of mind to combat situations of a energy outage.

In this article, we will learn more about the significance of these systems in detail.

Types of Stand by Energy Solutions

There are basically two kinds of standby power supplies used in organizations: UPS or (uninterruptible energy supplies) and diesel generators. UPS are the systems that provide a limited source of electricity in the advent of the failure of power. If a power blackout occurs, the UPS battery starts to supply the required current to all the devices that need power for their proper functioning.

Diesel generators, on the other hand, operates on diesel fuel to give a constant supply of electric current to an organization. It utilizes a compression method to produce enough heat and electricity to prevent the organization from getting its devices and processing stopped. Where a UPS system offers a limited source of electric supply, a diesel generator provides unlimited electricity depending on the availability of diesel fuel.

Solar energy refers to the power generated by harnessing the power of the sun. It is clean, green and environmentally friendly source of energy. Entire world is worried about a common problem called global warming. Till now major power requirements are fulfilled by burning fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are limited, non renewable and cause a lot of damage to the environment.
Till today we had not tapped the unlimited potential of the power from the sun. With the development of photo voltaic technology highly advanced solar energy solutions are available at affordable prices. There is an unlimited supply of solar energy. It will be available to us till the sun is shining on earth. This power does not leave any carbon footprint and do not cause any damage to the environment.
Scientists are constantly working on developing most efficient solar energy solutions and that too at affordable price. Many people understand the benefits of renewable power over other conventional sources of power. More and more people have begun to install solar energy solutions in their homes and work places. It is the first step taken towards the protection of fossil fuels and mother earth.

These alternative solutions are not only friendly with the environment but are also friendly with your pockets. Installation of solar energy system is one time investment. After that it will relieve you from long electricity bills, government taxes and incentives. There is no additional fuel charge in running the solar inverter. It utilizes sun’s energy to generate power. This is abundantly available at free of cost. Maintenance cost of this is also very low. The best part is that you can store the extra energy produced in batteries for back up or you can sell that electricity to Elixir Power Solutions. This alternative solution will recover its cost in 5 to 7 years and after that it will generate electricity for you at almost negligible cost.
With an advancement of technology, use of solar is not limited to lighting your house. Many household equipment have been designed to work on electricity generated from sun’s power. Now you can run your heating and cooling systems, garden water sprinkler, household equipment, lighting system, security system and much more with the help of solar energy.
Gone are the days when photovoltaic panels use to be bulky and very expensive. Now very sleek yet effective panels are available at affordable prices. Placing photo voltaic tiles on the roof tops, windows and doors can also minimize the expenditure done on heating the house. These tiles will absorb the energy from the sun and will keep the house warm.

Many people have a query that what will happen to their solar energy systems on a non sunny day or in the night. It will work in association with power grids to supply power on a non sunny day. Photo voltaic cells of the panel gets charged throughout the day by sun and supply uninterrupted energy in the night.


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