Need a Houston Newborn Photographer? written by: A newborn is a source of happiness for any woman out there, and a mother needs to treasure happy moments with her little bundle as well. A Houston newborn photographer will allow you to remember the time that you have spent with your little baby. By seeing those amazing pictures, you will get the happiness that you have been looking for a long time. We know how to take your happiness to a whole new level by giving you the pictures you want of your newborn. So read on to find out more about our services.

Simple Sessions

Our newborn sessions are timeless, simple, and natural. In fact, we take our time to pose your new baby. If you`re pregnant, this is the best time to book with us. So don`t be afraid now and get in touch with us. We have tons of experience with preemie babies, newborn twins, and NICU baby photography. You should book ahead of time, which is ideally within your newborn`s first 10 days. We have an extensive prop collection with proper lighting so you can get an outstanding photo of your baby. And we also specialize in baby, newborn, maternity, and child photography.


Our photos will speak to your soul, and you will love them right away. These are the timeless, honest photos that you have been seeking for a long time. These will be the images that you will treasure for years, as they will be your heartfelt images. We will make sure that our images will capture lots of love and lots joy at the same time. Taking photos of your belly is something that we know how to do, and you`ll love it. This will be the proof of your growing family… the history of your family.

Capturing Happiness

Your newborn is a source of happiness to you, and you deserve to get memories of these amazing moments you spend with your newborn. In fact, the first year of newborn`s life deserves to be treasured in images that you will adore for years and years. This fleeting time is something that you will enjoy, but some photos will take your joy to a whole new level. We will aid you to have a record of those times that are so special to you. These photos of your little bundle will be a treasure to you, and you`ll enjoy them forever.

We know how to provide you with outstanding images of your new love through our amazing photography tools and methods. Our home studio is specially designed to capture the light of a child in the picture, so you will be crying of happiness whenever you see those outstanding shots. Our have everything your little one needs to look gorgeous in a photo such as hats, blankets, headbands, and props. You will not have to bring anything but your little bundle. Parents can even see the newborn photographer doing her job, as a comfortable area has been arranged for them.

Capturing Magic

We know how to capture the magic your newborn exudes at all times, and we also offer a wide array of packages. These sessions range from baby photography to cake smash photo sessions. In fact, we offer both outdoor and studio milestone and maternity sessions. Our beautiful sunset photos will take advantage of the fabulous lighting and stunning backdrop nature provides so your little one can look amazing. Our studio also offers some ethereal maternity gowns that parent can use right away. Capturing the sentimental goodness of newborns is something that we know very well how to do it properly.

Our sessions are all-inclusive, meaning that you will get a print release along with your edited digital files. Our canvases and photos will look gorgeous when featured around a home or office, and they are also sold at very reasonable prices at all times. We are experts at shooting pictures who have perfected the amazing art of capturing amazing moments for any family from your belly to your newborn and even beyond. With tons of experience and outstanding tools, we can make your little bundle look gorgeous at all times, and that`s not an exaggeration at all.

Fantastic Sessions

Our sessions start at your home in the first 10 days of your newborn´s life. To create the outstanding session that you deserve, we will take a trip to your home with all of our props and equipment letting our sessions unfold naturally. We can adjust the session date which will be based on when your baby actually arrives, though you will have to book when you`re still pregnant. Our maternity sessions will allow you to recall the love and excitement that you fell right before your beloved family grows just by 2 feet.

We will take into consideration both your body shape and your comfort level in each maternity session, which tends to happen between 28 and 34 weeks. Your style will be showcased no matter your style. Your second trimester is the ideal time to shoot some photos of your belly, so let us now so we can plan your portraits right away. We know that your family is the legacy that you will give to the world, and your story is closely related to the people you love and care about. Capturing outstanding moments that our clients will treasure for decades to come is something we know how to do very well as well.

As you can see, we can give you the outstanding photos of your newborn that you have been seeking for a long time. Our simple sessions and outstanding tools will allow you to get the most out of our pictures, and you will be able to feature them in your home or office. These pictures will be a source of joy to you, and you can overcome a lot of obstacles just by looking at these shots from time to time as well. We have extensive experience capturing the magic of the moment, and your little bundle is not an exception to this rule. We know how to take both outdoor and studio photos so you can get the most out of both worlds quickly and easily. You should get in touch with us as soon as your baby is born so you can get amazing pictures of your little love right away.

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