The future of the world has always been held captive to the creators. The creators of new, innovative technology. Technology that has the ability to change the daily lives of simple pawns, like you and I. With the release of drones, the creative world has gone bonkers! No longer does one have to sit in a helicopter to capture breathe taking scenes from above, now anyone with a decent hand in video and the resources to get and learn how to fly a drone can put together footage that only speilberg could obtain a decade ago!
Since the range of motion given to drone videographers is so impressive, we are now learning that people who chose to use drones for videography are making a pretty decent living. It seems to be one of the more lucrative ways to make money as a videographer in 2017. However, this means that this market will soon be saturated. There is going to be a very short window in which the future of videography is truly open to any who wants to seize it. The jump start on this niche is now. People need to hop in on this bandwagon, and fast!
In order for me to truly communicate how needed this type of work is going to be in the future I am going to have to tell you a little bit about who I am and why you should trust me. I am a 16 year old youtube artist. This means that I create content for the platform youtube, and call it my art. So obviously my content is Video. Because who puts anything but video on youtube nowadays? Nobody.
Since getting into youtube I have found that the first 15 seconds of a video are the most valuable to any youtube artist trying to make a living. The first 15 seconds are going to determine whether or not the person watching the video sticks around or if they chose to leave your video and go on to watch a competitors video. With the release of drone video I have found that it is very easy to create really engaging intro parts to my youtube videos by taking really dope videos of my neighborhoods: by drone. It just feels different, even though it is mindless B roll. People are genuinely attracted to the stuff and it has sky rocketed my youtube statistics. Obviously I do not only have mindless B roll on my Youtube, I have real relative content. But I also have mastered the art of capturing attention through dope cinematography. That is why drones are different, that is why they are such a huge asset to any marketer, realtor, sales person, ect. Because they draw attention and make something that is usually boring and mundane, very interesting. They make a walkthrough of a 185,000 dollar house look like a walk through of a 2,000,000 dollar house. This is special. The ability to exaggerate without lying, exaggerate through a lens without photoshop. Thats what drone video does best. Taking a different angle than the competitors.

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