Social media used in SEO is becoming a big aspect of businesses both online and offline. If you have products or services
that would be of interest to people worldwide, then you cannot ignore this form of marketing.

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Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly mentioned in most forms of business today and did you know that Facebook is growing at a rate of 600,000 per day. This is a powerful free social media tool with a worldwide audience which could be harnessed by you to promote your business.

Facebook could also be used by you as a branding tool to get your business known to the world and bring in customers. If you open a Facebook account you can become friends with people who are already interested in your business. You can have a maximum of 5000 friends and form your own group where you can message them daily. This is a powerful source of social media marketing in business. Dell the giant computer company and Honda do most of their marketing on Facebook and you too could have a piece of this action.

Twitter is another form of social media which can help bring down your social media marketing costs dramatically. This is another great tool used in branding and can play a big role in your advertising and promotion of your products. Open one or more twitter accounts which are free to do and follow people who are interested in your niche or business. In order to find these people go to a twitter directory called twellow, here you can type the name of the top people in your niche. Select the name they use for their twitter account and paste this name into a tool called refollow. You can then follow those people who are following this person, and some of these people in turn will follow you back. By using Twitter in social media and business you can target the followers you want for your business. A tweet has only 140 characters so you have to give good and precise information of your business to catch your follower’s attention. In this way, you are giving the customer exactly what he is looking for and he is not getting an overload of information. Social media and business go hand in hand, so promote your business to the world today and see the results soar to a new level.

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