Drone Videos: The future of cinematography

The future of the world has always been held captive to the creators. The creators of new, innovative technology. Technology that has the ability to change the daily lives of simple pawns, like you and I. With the release of drones, the creative world has gone bonkers! No longer does one have to sit in a helicopter to capture breathe taking scenes from above, now anyone with a decent hand in video and the resources to get and learn how to fly a drone can put together footage that only speilberg could obtain a decade ago!
Since the range of motion given to drone videographers is so impressive, we are now learning that people who chose to use drones for videography are making a pretty decent living. It seems to be one of the more lucrative ways to make money as a videographer in 2017. However, this means that this market will soon be saturated. There is going to be a very short window in which the future of videography is truly open to any who wants to seize it. The jump start on this niche is now. People need to hop in on this bandwagon, and fast!
In order for me to truly communicate how needed this type of work is going to be in the future I am going to have to tell you a little bit about who I am and why you should trust me. I am a 16 year old youtube artist. This means that I create content for the platform youtube, and call it my art. So obviously my content is Video. Because who puts anything but video on youtube nowadays? Nobody.
Since getting into youtube I have found that the first 15 seconds of a video are the most valuable to any youtube artist trying to make a living. The first 15 seconds are going to determine whether or not the person watching the video sticks around or if they chose to leave your video and go on to watch a competitors video. With the release of drone video I have found that it is very easy to create really engaging intro parts to my youtube videos by taking really dope videos of my neighborhoods: by drone. It just feels different, even though it is mindless B roll. People are genuinely attracted to the stuff and it has sky rocketed my youtube statistics. Obviously I do not only have mindless B roll on my Youtube, I have real relative content. But I also have mastered the art of capturing attention through dope cinematography. That is why drones are different, that is why they are such a huge asset to any marketer, realtor, sales person, ect. Because they draw attention and make something that is usually boring and mundane, very interesting. They make a walkthrough of a 185,000 dollar house look like a walk through of a 2,000,000 dollar house. This is special. The ability to exaggerate without lying, exaggerate through a lens without photoshop. Thats what drone video does best. Taking a different angle than the competitors.

Street Singers

Being a musician is not a job. It’s never something you do just to earn money, or gain recognition. Without passion in your art, you cannot compose. Without inspiration, you come up with blanks. Crumpled, scratch papers in the bin will keep stacking higher and higher. As an artist in their own field, being a musician is in the soul. The different tones and notes flow as if they harmonized in your veins. Spotting a beautifully composed piece is fairly obvious; it moves you. It makes you feel, possibly different kinds of emotions. It makes you feel what the singer and composer wants to make you feel. Music chooses no one. Be a person poor or rich, sickly or healthy, dumb or brilliant, music may choose him/her. While most people tend to showcase their talents on the big screen; recording artists, rappers, electronic dance music DJs, there are a few who would rather choose to sing for the people. To just play their instrument and sing…these are the street singers.

street singerStreet singers often play at good pitches. Pitches are places where most people meet, where there is minimal noise and where a large audience can easily spot you. Street singers seek an audience, though not through a method with notice. All they have to do is play their instrument, sing, and let their music captivate passers-by. Some have their instruments’ cases or cloths while others have hats, in which case people who found their performance delightful give tips in return. Giving tips is not compulsory, and it never will be. There is no risk because these singers are not asking to be paid for their performance. They do not expect anything. I personally believe that without external factors, musicians are one of the happiest people. Performing is what they are passionate about, and are happy in what they are doing.

Happiness does not always come from being rich. While it CAN buy you things that you can be happy with, it does NOT buy you happiness. To be able to share to other people what you are passionate about is a privilege. Singing your deepest intentions, without having anyone else to tell you what to do or how you’ll want others see you, is an honourable stand of how artists value their freedom of expression. Compared to people basking in the limelight, who always worry on how they would stay relevant and what would happen once their glory days end, the street singers will continue to serve the people on the streets, by giving entertainment unconditionally.

The Types Of Music We Love

Are you a music lover? Do you love singing but there are times that you feel that you chose the wrong one? If yes, then maybe you haven’t got the chance to sing with the right type of music that will fit you. Yes, you have heard it right. It is very important that you will be choosing the most perfect type that will suit your voice range, likes and of course style. We will then find the music we love. It is given that if you have a really nice voice is that you can able to sing all songs but you will see that your performance will be even better if you will be singing within the type that’s for you. That is why it is really important that you will consider this before anything else.

Here are the major types of music that you can study and see if it will fit you or not.
Classical Music This type was known to be a very complex form of music that it requires a lot of effort before you can finally be good at it. You need to have those high musical skills such as really high voice range or a good talent in playing high class instruments such as violin and the piano. If you want to be good with this type of music then it’s very essential that you should undergo proper way of training.

Rock Music This is the type of music which requires the help of a high energy and was accompanied by guitars, drums and bass. Unlike with the other types, this is not soft and is really of high powerful vocals. It may seem to be a bit soundly and noisy to others but this is what rock music is, that energetic sound that can wake up anyone’s senses.

breakdanceRnB Music RnB means Rhythm and Blues and this is the most in demand music of the new generations. Almost all the popular singers and talents nowadays are performing in this type of music. They are all doing well simply because this music is simply good to hear and sing with. Once heard, it can make the people dance and go with the flow of the rhythm that’s why a lot were really enjoyed listening to this.
Folk Music If you have heard some music that sounds unpopular or uses different kinds of languages and rhythm then maybe this is a folk music. This type of music originated in a particular country or place. They are traditional sounds that are already a part of their culture that will soon be shared to their younger generations. You can feel different emotions such as survival and cultural struggles in this type of music and that’s what makes it really unique and different from any other forms of sounds.

b-boying-Hip-hop is like rap but it has some pop in it. It is more of the older type of rap when rap was first starting out. The blues are like R&B. This music has a bunch of different kinds of instruments and those who sing it usually have a low voice. Classical is more instrumental type of music like going to watch a band of like flutes, clarinets, trumpets, and trombones.

Music: An International Language

From California to China, people enjoy music. There is something about music that is core to humankind. What makes a little child respond to the soft humming of its mother? Or what makes an old woman on the streets of India rely on the audio of a drum? Music is absolutely an international language that is spoken by everyone on the earth.

handsThere are many factors that people love the noise of great music. Songs relocates us. There is something concerning the beat of a drum or the rhythm of a band that can create individuals of any ages to stand to their feet as well as move. We are so affected by noise, and when that sound is pleasing to us it requires a reaction. That action could be the basic clapping of hands or it could be the dance of our whole bodies.

People all around the globe also love music due to the fact that it is lovely. There is absolutely nothing more incredible then mosting likely to an opera or compared to seeing a symphony orchestra do. Also the noises of our favored cd playing in our car advise us that when we listen to songs, we are encountering some aspect of sheer elegance. We can not quite define why music sounds stunning to our ears, but I have yet to meet a person who does not like one sort of music or one more.

That is another fantastic thing about music: it varies. You could enjoy symphonic music, country music, or rock-and-roll songs. Some people like songs with only a straightforward tune while others delight in music with many difficult notes and sounds. Exactly what is stunning to a single person might not be called stunning to another. And that is an attractive thing.

Music connects individuals to events and also assists them to keep in mind a few of life’s most considerable events. I’ll wager you bear in mind the initial song you and also your partner danced to, as well as I wager you could name the track that played the first time you drove an automobile by yourself. Songs is fantastic in this way. We could define whole seasons of our life based upon the kind of songs that we took pleasure in throughout that time. Every one has been with a parent when an “oldies” tune begins the radio and the parent begins singing out the lines of the song, remembering with fondess their more youthful years.

From Africa to Alabama to Argentina, songs is a vital component of society. By it we define individuals and nations. Occasionally we enjoy the style, sometimes we would rather not hear it, however a lot of the time we all agree that music is a fantastic trait. Our lives would be really various as well as our globe a less unified location if we didn’t have music.

Newborn Photography of Portugal

Need a Houston Newborn Photographer? written by: A newborn is a source of happiness for any woman out there, and a mother needs to treasure happy moments with her little bundle as well. A Houston newborn photographer will allow you to remember the time that you have spent with your little baby. By seeing those amazing pictures, you will get the happiness that you have been looking for a long time. We know how to take your happiness to a whole new level by giving you the pictures you want of your newborn. So read on to find out more about our services.

Simple Sessions

Our newborn sessions are timeless, simple, and natural. In fact, we take our time to pose your new baby. If you`re pregnant, this is the best time to book with us. So don`t be afraid now and get in touch with us. We have tons of experience with preemie babies, newborn twins, and NICU baby photography. You should book ahead of time, which is ideally within your newborn`s first 10 days. We have an extensive prop collection with proper lighting so you can get an outstanding photo of your baby. And we also specialize in baby, newborn, maternity, and child photography.


Our photos will speak to your soul, and you will love them right away. These are the timeless, honest photos that you have been seeking for a long time. These will be the images that you will treasure for years, as they will be your heartfelt images. We will make sure that our images will capture lots of love and lots joy at the same time. Taking photos of your belly is something that we know how to do, and you`ll love it. This will be the proof of your growing family… the history of your family.

Capturing Happiness

Your newborn is a source of happiness to you, and you deserve to get memories of these amazing moments you spend with your newborn. In fact, the first year of newborn`s life deserves to be treasured in images that you will adore for years and years. This fleeting time is something that you will enjoy, but some photos will take your joy to a whole new level. We will aid you to have a record of those times that are so special to you. These photos of your little bundle will be a treasure to you, and you`ll enjoy them forever.

We know how to provide you with outstanding images of your new love through our amazing photography tools and methods. Our home studio is specially designed to capture the light of a child in the picture, so you will be crying of happiness whenever you see those outstanding shots. Our have everything your little one needs to look gorgeous in a photo such as hats, blankets, headbands, and props. You will not have to bring anything but your little bundle. Parents can even see the newborn photographer doing her job, as a comfortable area has been arranged for them.

Capturing Magic

We know how to capture the magic your newborn exudes at all times, and we also offer a wide array of packages. These sessions range from baby photography to cake smash photo sessions. In fact, we offer both outdoor and studio milestone and maternity sessions. Our beautiful sunset photos will take advantage of the fabulous lighting and stunning backdrop nature provides so your little one can look amazing. Our studio also offers some ethereal maternity gowns that parent can use right away. Capturing the sentimental goodness of newborns is something that we know very well how to do it properly.

Our sessions are all-inclusive, meaning that you will get a print release along with your edited digital files. Our canvases and photos will look gorgeous when featured around a home or office, and they are also sold at very reasonable prices at all times. We are experts at shooting pictures who have perfected the amazing art of capturing amazing moments for any family from your belly to your newborn and even beyond. With tons of experience and outstanding tools, we can make your little bundle look gorgeous at all times, and that`s not an exaggeration at all.

Fantastic Sessions

Our sessions start at your home in the first 10 days of your newborn´s life. To create the outstanding session that you deserve, we will take a trip to your home with all of our props and equipment letting our sessions unfold naturally. We can adjust the session date which will be based on when your baby actually arrives, though you will have to book when you`re still pregnant. Our maternity sessions will allow you to recall the love and excitement that you fell right before your beloved family grows just by 2 feet.

We will take into consideration both your body shape and your comfort level in each maternity session, which tends to happen between 28 and 34 weeks. Your style will be showcased no matter your style. Your second trimester is the ideal time to shoot some photos of your belly, so let us now so we can plan your portraits right away. We know that your family is the legacy that you will give to the world, and your story is closely related to the people you love and care about. Capturing outstanding moments that our clients will treasure for decades to come is something we know how to do very well as well.

As you can see, we can give you the outstanding photos of your newborn that you have been seeking for a long time. Our simple sessions and outstanding tools will allow you to get the most out of our pictures, and you will be able to feature them in your home or office. These pictures will be a source of joy to you, and you can overcome a lot of obstacles just by looking at these shots from time to time as well. We have extensive experience capturing the magic of the moment, and your little bundle is not an exception to this rule. We know how to take both outdoor and studio photos so you can get the most out of both worlds quickly and easily. You should get in touch with us as soon as your baby is born so you can get amazing pictures of your little love right away.

Music To Your Ears

Shakespeare once said “If music be the food of love, use”. The power of songs over the human mind is huge, and that’s putting it gently. Songs therapy is the use of songs for restorative functions by a qualified professional. The suggestion of utilizing music as a recovery influence go back to the moment of Plato as well as Aristotle. In the contemporary world, music for treatment came forward when artists played for battle experts to heal them of physical and emotional injury. Given that a number of the patients responded well, registered nurses as well as medical professionals began requesting the services of artists for treatment.


Soon, songs treatment became recognized as an effective and scientifically-backed mode of therapy. The first songs treatment level program ever was developed in 1944 in the State of Michigan, U.S

. A skilled songs specialist assesses the emotional health, bodily health, social functioning and cognitive skills via the individual’s reactions to songs. As soon as the assessment is total, the expert develops songs session for people or teams. The restorative music is prepared based on customer demands and also makes use of music improvisation, track writing, verse conversation, imagery as well as music performances.

Making use of songs for therapy could be an extremely effective method to reach children and also adolescents. Senior individuals and also people with developing and finding out impairments, individuals experiencing Alzheimer’s disease and also age relevant troubles as well as individuals in acute pain additionally take advantage of music therapy. Music treatment is a powerful method in order to help individuals share their sensations.

Professional songs therapists are generally located in corrective centers, psychological medical facilities, medical healthcare facilities, alcohol and drug programs, nursing houses, reformatories, institutions and also exclusive method.

Some individuals mistakenly think that a patient needs to have some specific musical capacity to benefit from treatment. There is no person certain style of songs that is more therapeutic compared to the rest. Any design of music can be similarly effective. Anybody could be a patient. The patient’s background, requires and also record assistance establish the type of music used.

Also healthy and balanced people could utilize the healing powers of songs. Paying attention to or making songs, playing or drumming could considerably minimize anxiety as well as improve productivity. Study reveals that songs is a crucial assistance for exercise. Songs therapy is even said to aid labor as well as shipment.

In medical facilities, songs therapy is made use of to relieve discomfort and is often utilized together with anesthetic or pain medication. A concern that is frequently elevated is why usage songs if anesthetic does the exact same thing? Music helps due to the fact that it liquifies psychological barriers and raises the person’s mood. Songs likewise neutralizes clinical depression, soothes as well as sedates patients. Basically, music helps in reducing muscular tissue stress and prompts a deep and also enjoyable leisure.

Considering that 1994 songs therapy has actually been recognized as a reimbursable solution in the United States Songs therapy is considered ‘energetic treatment’ when it meets the following standards:

– Is recommended by a medical professional
– Is sensibly necessary for the treatment of the injury or condition
– Is based upon a recorded therapy plan
– Is showing some sort of result in the patient

The future of music treatment is undoubtedly quite appealing as increasingly more study promotes the effectiveness of songs against illness like Alzheimer’s as well as chronic pain.

Choosing the Best Guitar for Learning

So you ask, what would be one of the most proper and also ideal type of guitar to make use of as well as prove your skills on being a musician sooner or later? Would certainly that be the bass or electric? The response is within you.

Attempt to ask on your own exactly what suits your taste for songs. Are you the moody type? An alternative type maybe? Are you a lot more on the jazzier side or simply clearly characterized by the Spanish feeling? Selecting depends on the kind of songs you hear or value.

Every newbie has some confusion in picking the finest guitar they might posses. The difficulty in acquiring a guitar is as very difficult as deciding who is hotter, Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba? To obtain over with the trouble, below are some tips on selecting the very best sort of guitar that would certainly suit your desire for melody and song:

1. Reflect on your music. This matters a great deal. This is all that issues. Actually, it is the music that we pay attention to that affects us to play something. When you hear the strumming of a guitar, do you consider yourself hearing the lighter side of things or even more on the tough core component? The songs that you hear is the extremely basis of your choice.

2. Inspect your budget plan. Just how much would it set you back? Is it worth the cost savings? Try to question your much better judgment on the best ways to identify an inexpensive yet great guitar. If you have a minimal quantity on your hand, go with the one that matches your cash. Don’t work out with something you love yet the cost isn’t really that friendly. However if you saw something that made your heart melt, and also you ‘d truly, actually, actually prefer to have it, ask someone who works within, a salesperson, perhaps, who can assist you exercise on something, like paying for it on an installation basis. Excellent interaction bringings about much better understanding.

3. Pick the type of attributes that your guitar would have. When you have compiled your sources, especially financial resources, it’s time for you to obtain your hands on that guitar you’ve set your eyes for months. With a wide variety of guitars nowadays it’s hard to establish whether you have made a good option, from electrical to bass, acoustic to classical, and so far more to pick from. Many newbies specify more on the song, while opposites with the style.

Still, if you can not decide between two fantastic choices, have a close friend that is adept on playing a guitar accompany you as well as let him identify which one would be more appropriate. Never ever be separated on your choices.

4. Pick between acoustic or electric. There are 2 sides when picking which is which. The pros and the disadvantages are sometimes weighed. Compared with an acoustic guitar, an electrical guitar is easier to operate however is more complicated with all those strings affixed as well as switches to press. When you play an electrical guitar, you have to get other devices like an amplifier, cable as well as pick.

The only negative aspect with an acoustic guitar is that it is more challenging to manipulate than that of the electric guitar. Apart from that, it is one of the most advisable kind of guitar to play with. No picks required. You could have fun with it simply by playing the tip of your fingers on its strings. And, it’s less expensive compared to an electric guitar.


Since you have your choices, begin choosing exactly what you assume will certainly suite you. Choosing is easy however you need to consider a great deal of principles.

Music – La Cantora

Songs in foreign languages can be magical. There is something about the music of a new culture that drops you in the middle of the artistic heart of a people. Today I’ve been listening to Cantora (part 2) from Mercedes Sosa: You can enjoy the entire playlist in the Youtube channel embedded below:

Mercedes Sosa was the representative of a movement of forgotten people in South America. Her album Cantora 2 is a great collection of songs that delve into the heart of Argentinian, Chilean and Brazilian music.