Being a musician is not a job. It’s never something you do just to earn money, or gain recognition. Without passion in your art, you cannot compose. Without inspiration, you come up with blanks. Crumpled, scratch papers in the bin will keep stacking higher and higher. As an artist in their own field, being a musician is in the soul. The different tones and notes flow as if they harmonized in your veins. Spotting a beautifully composed piece is fairly obvious; it moves you. It makes you feel, possibly different kinds of emotions. It makes you feel what the singer and composer wants to make you feel. Music chooses no one. Be a person poor or rich, sickly or healthy, dumb or brilliant, music may choose him/her. While most people tend to showcase their talents on the big screen; recording artists, rappers, electronic dance music DJs, there are a few who would rather choose to sing for the people. To just play their instrument and sing…these are the street singers.

street singerStreet singers often play at good pitches. Pitches are places where most people meet, where there is minimal noise and where a large audience can easily spot you. Street singers seek an audience, though not through a method with notice. All they have to do is play their instrument, sing, and let their music captivate passers-by. Some have their instruments’ cases or cloths while others have hats, in which case people who found their performance delightful give tips in return. Giving tips is not compulsory, and it never will be. There is no risk because these singers are not asking to be paid for their performance. They do not expect anything. I personally believe that without external factors, musicians are one of the happiest people. Performing is what they are passionate about, and are happy in what they are doing.

Happiness does not always come from being rich. While it CAN buy you things that you can be happy with, it does NOT buy you happiness. To be able to share to other people what you are passionate about is a privilege. Singing your deepest intentions, without having anyone else to tell you what to do or how you’ll want others see you, is an honourable stand of how artists value their freedom of expression. Compared to people basking in the limelight, who always worry on how they would stay relevant and what would happen once their glory days end, the street singers will continue to serve the people on the streets, by giving entertainment unconditionally.

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