Female Artist 02This site is dedicated to the female artist. La Cantora – Portuguese for the female singer – is the name of a site dedicated to highlighting female artists from time to time promoting services that fit the interest of music lovers and consumers. We would like to take world music lovers around the globe each week to see a new culture and a new part of the world through the eyes of beautiful female voices. If you would like to submit your ideas for locations or artists we will have a comments section ready for you to submit your ideas. Please feel free to sing your hearts out in whatever language you like but you note this week we’ve begun our posting with Cantora 2 by Mercedes Sosa – the great late La Negra of South America.

Music For Women By Women Artists

It is always good to have music that both lauds the beauty and purity of a woman’s heart while also conveying challenging and important ideas. The complexity and range of a woman is tied to the confidence she derives from her fellow friends and it is our hope that you will be a collection of artist loving friends to women artists around the world.